November 2018 Election, Utah

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Previous covered election: November 2017, Utah

This election is scheduled for the 6th of November 2018.[1]
There is a Primary scheduled for June 26, 2018.


Senate District

Republican candidates in order of preference.

Name Notes
Our Pick. Craig R. Bowden Libertarian. In particular, a conservative libertarian.
Tim Aalders Constitution. Constitutional Conservative.
Weaker Candidates
Reed C. McCandless Independent American
Candidates to Not Vote for
Torrey Jenkins Republican. Opted to utilize signature gathering method. Felon. Possibly unqualified to run.
Alicia Colvin Republican. Self-proclaimed moderate. Somewhere on the spectrum between progressive and social libertarian. Opted to utilize signature gathering method.
Stoney Fonua Republican. Incoherent platform.
Larry Livingston Democrat
Mitchell Vice Democrat
Jenny Wilson Democrat
Mitt Romney Republican. Endorsed Antifa, BLM, and some fairly bad politicians. Opted to utilize signature gathering method and has expressed anti-caucus sentiments to delegates.
Jeff Dransfield Democrat
Eliminated Candidates[2]
Mike Kennedy Republican. Current member of Utah's House of Representatives
Samuel B. Parker Republican
Larry Meyers Republican. Constitutional Conservative
Tim Jimenez Republican
Jeremy Lewis Friedbaum Republican. Constitutional Conservative
Joshua C. Lee Republican. Campaign virtually non-existent.
Abe Lincoln Brian Jenkins Republican. Opted to utilize signature gathering method.
Loy Brunson Republican. Constitutional conservative. Need more detail.

Congressional District 1

Congressional District 2

Congressional District 3

Name Notes
Gregory C. Duerden Our pick. Independent American. Ran for Lieutenant Governor of Utah in the November 2016 Election
Candidates to Not Vote for
John Curtis Republican
James Courage Singer Democrat
Melanie McCoard United Utah
Kent Moon Democrat
Eliminated Candidates[3]
Christopher Niles Herrod Our primary pick. Republican
Mike Leavitt Republican
Steven Stromness Republican
Henry Rudolph Kneitz III Republican

Congressional District 4

Name Notes
Mia B. Love Our pick. Republican
Candidates to Not Vote for
Morgan Shepherd Democrat
Ben McAdams Democrat
Darlene McDonald Democrat
Sheldon Kirkham Democrat
Tom Taylor Democrat

State Senate District 15

State House District 6

State House District 27

State House District 57

State House District 60

State House District 61

State House District 65

State House District 67

Name Notes
Marc Roberts Our pick. Republican. Excellent record.


See: Official 2018 Election Information

Proposition Title Our Recommendation
Constitutional Amendment A Shall the Utah Constitution be amended to modify the period of time that a person in the

military needs to serve out of state under an order to federal active duty in order to qualify for a property tax exemption for the military person's residence, allowing the military person to qualify if the period of service is at least 200 days in a continuous 365-day period?[4]

Constitutional Amendment B Shall the Utah Constitution be amended to authorize the creation of a property tax

exemption for real property, such as land or buildings, that the state or a local government entity leases from a private owner?

Constitutional Amendment C Shall the Utah Constitution be amended to:
  • authorize the Legislature to convene into a limited session if two-thirds of the Utah Senate and House members agree that convening is necessary because of a fiscal crisis, war, natural disaster, or emergency in the affairs of the state;
  • require the Governor to reduce state expenditures or convene the Legislature into session if state expenses will exceed revenue for a fiscal year; and
  • require a session of the Legislature, other than the 45-day annual general session, to be held at the state capitol, unless it is not feasible due to a specified condition?
Nonbinding Opinion Question #1 Potential Gas Tax Increase for Public Education and Local Roads No
Proposition 2 Shall a law be enacted to:
  • establish a state-controlled process that allows persons with certain illnesses to acquire and use medical cannabis and, in certain limited circumstances, to grow up to six cannabis plants for personal medical use;
  • authorize the establishment of facilities that grow, process, test, or sell medical cannabis and require those facilities to be licensed by the state; and
  • establish state controls on those licensed facilities, including:
    • electronic systems that track cannabis inventory and purchases; and
    • requirements and limitations on the packaging and advertising of cannabis and on the types of products allowed?
Proposition 3 Shall a law be enacted to:
  • expand the state Medicaid health coverage program to include coverage, based on income, for

previously ineligible low-income adults;

  • maintain the following as they existed on January 1, 2017:
    • eligibility standards, benefits, and patient costs for Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP); and
    • the payment rate for healthcare providers under Medicaid and CHIP; and
  • use the tax increase described below to pay for Medicaid and CHIP?
Proposition 4 Shall a law be enacted to:
  • create a seven-member commission to recommend redistricting plans to the Legislature that divide the state into Congressional, legislative, and state school board districts;
  • provide for appointments to that commission: one by the Governor, three by legislative majority party leaders, and three by legislative minority party leaders;
  • provide qualifications for commission members, including limitations on their political activity;
  • require the Legislature to enact or reject a commission-recommended plan; and
  • establish requirements for redistricting plans and authorize lawsuits to block implementation of a redistricting plan enacted by the Legislature that fails to conform to those requirements?

County Elections

External Resources


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