November 2017 Election, Utah

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This election is scheduled for the 7th of November 2017.[1]
There is a Primary scheduled for August 15, 2017.


3rd Congressional District

Jason Chaffetz has announced his retirement. Creating the need to elect a new representative for the 3rd Congressional District.

Name Notes
Jason Christensen Independent American Party
Joe Buchman Libertarian
Sean Whalen Unaffiliated
Russell Paul Roesler Write-In. Very little information available.
Candidates to Not Vote for
John Curtis Republican. Used signature gathering to bypass party convention.[2]
Kathie Allen Democrat
Jim Bennett[3] United Utah Party
Brendan Phillips Write-In. Green Party
Eliminated Candidates[4][5]
Aaron Heineman Independent American Party
Christopher Niles Herrod Our primary pick. Republican
Tanner Ainge Republican. Used signature gathering to bypass party convention.[6]
Stewart O. Peay Republican
Carl Adam Ingwell Democrat
Deidre M. Henderson Republican
Margaret Dayton Republican
Brad Daw Republican
Damian Kidd Republican
Keith Kuder Republican
Debbie Aldrich Republican
Shayne Horton Row Republican
Paul David Fife Republican
Benjamin J Frank Democratic
Brigham Rhead Cottam Republican
Mike Leavitt Republican

Municipal Elections

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