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Abe Lincoln Brian Jenkins is running as a Republican candidate for a U.S. Senate seat in the November 2018 Election, Utah.

Seeming surprisingly sincere, given his eccentric campaign strategy, Brian Jenkins is campaigning on returning to the principles of Abraham Lincoln. He has studied political science, and has experience doing Abraham Lincoln impersonations for events.

In a debate between the U.S. Senate candidates, he gave an explanation for why he would refuse to fund Planned Parenthood. Expressed opposition to electronic voting due to the difficulty in verifying the procedure's integrity. During McCain's presidential election, he was a national delegate who challenged the delegation's authority to remove him from the floor, because he wanted to vote for Ron Paul rather than John McCain. He ended up voting for Mitt Romney instead, because he won the balloting in Utah, and hence, he didn't think they could throw him out if he voted for the candidate that won his state's balloting. Describes Trump's election as miraculous and evidence that heaven is watching out for America. Asserted that the Constitution would be the basis for how he decides to vote. When asked about specific national defense issues, he asserted that we need to take our military out of foreign countries and focus on our home, and that we as individuals need to wake up to the importance of the power that we have.[1][2]

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