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Alicia Colvin is running as a Republican candidate for a U.S. Senate seat in the November 2018 Election, Utah.

Our impression of Alicia is somewhere on the spectrum between progressivism and social libertarianism. There are some promising ideas that she promotes, but her foundation is clearly a spectrum of ideals that is anchored more in social awareness than a true interest in liberty. While social awareness is important, it is, by itself, not enough. We're hoping that she gains more of a sense of natural rights and moves more in the libertarian direction, but for now, we don't think that we can recommend her as a candidate.

She describes herself as a moderate. She has expressed support for medical marijuana, closing gaps in Medicaid, and eliminating gerrymandering. Her declaration of candidacy shows that she is using both the convention method and the signature gathering method to get on the ballot. In a debate between the candidates, she was unable to bring herself to state that she would support defunding Planned Parenthood. Instead she talked at length about how much she supported the birth control they make available, and how providing access to birth control would help reduce abortions. Asserted that she doesn't believe real leaders criticize people and that she is not a pure constitutionalist. Stated, "Trump and I agree on a small amount of things and disagree on a large amount of things." Promised to work with Trump if elected. Asserted that whenever Mike Lee differs from Orrin Hatch, that she supports Mike Lee. Asserted that national security is something that directly affects all of us.[1][2]

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