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A political party in Utah that seems to be designed to appeal to the popular moderate voter in Utah. The platform (at time of writing) seems mostly aligned with The Shtick's principles, but it also seems incomplete as it seems to miss some priorities they lay out elsewhere. (eg. campaign finance reform)

The genesis of the party does not lend confidence that it should be expected to operate on good principles. As they described:

"Some were Democrats who were unhappy with the leftward turn of a state Democratic party that did not care to appeal to the majority of Utah voters. Others were Republicans who were aghast at the rightward tilt of the Republican Party with the nomination of Donald Trump as well as the rise of the Tea Party and the arrogance of the dominant party fighting popular reforms like Count My Vote."

Interpreting that the nomination of Donald Trump represents a swing rightward seems dubious, but "rightward" is a subjective thing, so it is hard to tell exactly what is meant. Their support for the anti-constitutional Count My Vote movement responsible for SB-54 is alarming.[1]

Overall we are a bit dubious about the principles this party operates under. As one might expect from a party geared toward the popular moderate voter in Utah, there seems to be little appeal to the Constitution, natural law, or any core principles that are more than a direct rationale for policy objectives. (ie. The principles seem to be formed around the objectives rather than the reverse.) There are enough red flags that we would be disinclined to support their candidates.

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  1. "How We Got Started" - United Utah Party