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Welcome to The Shtick Voter Guide (aka. The Election Shtick). Here, research is collected on many candidates and even, at times, original source material is made available. (Generally in the form of responses received from letters to candidates.) This research is undertaken to allow us to decide how to vote in upcoming elections. We make all of our material available to you so that you can easily get the benefit of our research and come to your own conclusions.

We believe firmly that voting without getting informed is worse than not voting at all. We also believe in voting with your conscience. We recently added a vote significance calculator so that you can verify for yourself that voting your conscience won't cause the greater of two evils to win.

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Currently Covered Election

November 2019 Election, Payson, Utah County, Utah
Previous covered election: November 2017, Payson, Utah County, Utah

This election is scheduled for the 5th of November 2019.[1]
There is a Primary scheduled for August 13, 2019.


City Council

Three positions being filled.

Name Notes
Linda Carter Incumbent
Brian V. Hulet Incumbent
Doug Welton Incumbent
Cary Kenneth Stockwell
Scott Pinkham

External Resources


  1. "2019 Municipal Election Information", Utah Lieutenant Governor: Elections