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Welcome to The Shtick Voter Guide (aka. The Election Shtick). Here, research is collected on many candidates and even, at times, original source material is made available. (Generally in the form of responses received from letters to candidates.) This research is undertaken to allow us to decide how to vote in upcoming elections. We make all of our material available to you so that you can easily get the benefit of our research and come to your own conclusions.

We believe firmly that voting without getting informed is worse than not voting at all. We also believe in voting with your conscience. We recently added a vote significance calculator so that you can verify for yourself that voting your conscience won't cause the greater of two evils to win.

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Currently Covered Election

November 2022 Election, Utah
Previous covered election: November 2020, Utah

This election is scheduled for the 8th of November 2022.


U.S. Senate

Name Notes
Mike Lee Our pick. Republican
Candidates to Not Vote for
All of the below We're so impressed with Lee and his track record, that we consider it a scandalous stain on the name of any candidate, to try to unseat him. If you are trying to help Utah, then find a seat that needs better leadership. Hence, any candidate that ran against him is hereby considered an enemy of Utah, and not worth voting for. (This is a rare analog to our general practice of using endorsements of and by good or bad actors to help us discern the alliances and loyalties of a candidate.)
Evan McMullin Unaffiliated
James Arthur Hansen Libertarian
Tommy Williams Independent American Party

U.S. House District 4

Name Notes
Burgess Owens Our pick. Republican
Candidates to Not Vote for
Darlene McDonald Democrat
January Walker United Utah Party

State Treasurer

Name Notes
Marlo M. Oaks Our pick. Republican. Incumbent
Warren T. Rogers Independent American Party
Joseph Geddes Buchman Libertarian Party
Candidates to Not Vote for
Thomas Alan Horne United Utah Party

State House District 65

Name Notes
Douglas R. Welton Republican

State School Board 14

Name Notes
Emily Green Our pick. Republican
Richard Jensen Libertarian


Proposition Description Our Recommendation
Constitutional Amendment A Shall the Utah Constitution be amended to change a provision relating to special sessions of the Utah Legislature that are convened by the president of the Utah Senate and speaker of the Utah House of Representatives:
  • to increase the limit on the total amount of money the Legislature may appropriate during the session from an amount equal to 1% of the total amount appropriated during the preceding fiscal year to an amount equal to 5% of the total amount appropriated during the preceding fiscal year; and
  • to exclude from that 5% limit:
    • an appropriation of money that the state receives from the federal government to address a fiscal, public health, or other emergency or crisis; and
    • an appropriation that decreases the amount of money previously authorized to be spent.

County Elections