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Tim Jimenez is and environmental engineer running as a Republican candidate for a U.S. Senate seat in the November 2018 Election, Utah.

Highlights his support for the Constitution, the caucus system, and antipathy for federal bureaucracy. Was Cruz's campaign coordinator for Tooele county in 2016.

In a debate between the U.S. Senate candidates on April 6th, Tim Jimenez asserted that the way to eliminate entitlements was to enable businesses to do more hiring, and that charity was none of the federal government's business. Described that he doesn't consider social security to be an entitlement, because it is something we payed into. Nevertheless, he advocates scaling back the age of social security gradually and distributing it on a more as-needed basis.[1]

In a debate between the U.S. Senate candidates, he gave an excellent explanation for why he would refuse to fund Planned Parenthood. Was not particularly critical of Mitt Romney. Asserted he was anticipating running against Orrin Hatch. Indicated that he is very pleased to have a President who actually loves his country. Indicated that he would like to see the United Nations moved to Europe. Would like to reduce our contributions to the U.N. He is not a fan of tariffs. Wants to stop tariffing our own businesses. Asserted that he stands with Mike Lee, Ben Sass, and Rand Paul. Asserted that he supports developing a missile shield and that he is concerned about the risk of EMP to our electrical systems.[2][3]

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