November 2020 Election, Utah

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Previous covered election: November 2018, Utah

This election is scheduled for the 2nd of November 2020.


U.S. House District 4

Name Notes
Burgess Owens Our pick. Republican
John Molnar Libertarian
Poor campaign presence. Human Trafficking position seems particularly weak, but overall seems to represent Libertarian principles well enough.
Candidates to Not Vote for
Ben McAdams Democrat
Jonia M Broderick United Utah Party


Name Notes
Daniel Rhead Cottam, Barry Evan Short Our pick. Libertarian
Superior Platform
Greg Duerden, Wayne Hill Independent American Party
Candidates to Not Vote for
Spencer J. Cox, Deidre M. Henderson Republican
Spencer was Gary Herbert's Lieutenant Governor.
Deidre was never a very appealing candidate in the past even if the best option available.
Chris Peterson, Karina Brown Democrat

Attorney General

Name Notes
Rudy J. Bautista Our pick. Libertarian
Candidates to Not Vote for
Sean D. Reyes Republican
Seems very clearly intent on defending whatever the governor does rather than acting as a representative for his constituents who elected him.
Greg Skordas Democrat

State Auditor

Name Notes
John Dougall Our pick. Republican
Jeffrey L. Ostler Constitution Party
Candidates to Not Vote for
Brian L. Fabbi United Utah Party

State Treasurer

Name Notes
Richard Proctor Our pick. Constitution Party
David Damschen Republican
Joseph Speciale Libertarian

State Senate District 7

Name Notes
Mike McKell Republican
Candidates to Not Vote for
Emily Bergeson United Utah Party

State House District 67

Name Notes
Doug Welton Republican

County Elections