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County Issues

November 2018 Election, Utah County, Utah
Previous covered election: November 2016, Utah County, Utah

This election is scheduled for the 7th of November 2017.[1]
There is a Primary scheduled for August 15, 2017.



Name Notes
David O. Leavitt Republican
W. Andrew McCullough Libertarian
Eliminated Candidates
Chad Grunander Republican


Name Notes
Jason Christensen Independent American
Amelia Powers Republican
Eliminated Candidates[2]
Bryan E. Thompson Republican. Incumbent.
Stephen Hemingway Republican

Commission Seat A

Republican candidates in order of preference.

Name Notes
Tanner Ainge Our pick. Republican. Only candidate who gathered signatures.
Eliminated Candidates[3]
Tom Sakievich Our primary pick. Republican. Only candidate who didn't file intent to gather signature.
Russell L. Billings Republican
James A. Dixon Republican
Karen Ellingson Republican
Candidates to Not Vote for
Teri McCabe United Utah

Commission Seat B

Name Notes
Bill Lee Our pick. Republican
Candidates to Not Vote for
Jeanne Bowen Democrat
Eliminated Candidates[4]
Rich Jarman Republican
Timothy William Spencer Republican


Name Notes
Mike Smith Republican
Eliminated Candidates[5]
Jim Phelps Republican. Rejected by delegates, but gathered signatures.
Michael Freeman Republican
Darin Durfey Republican

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