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Tanner Ainge is running as a Republican candidate for Utah County Commission Seat A in the November 2018 Election, Utah County, Utah.


On the subject of going from 3 to 5 commission seats, Tanner Ainge indicated that he favors the move, with 3 positions being assigned geographically, and 2 being at-large. He also favors making the commission full-time, which he proposed would improve the candidate pool. On the issue of county growth, he indicated that transportation has to be considered one of the county's biggest issues. Indicated that he intends to implement operating metrics to help identify waste, but that, nevertheless, he feels the county will have a revenue issue soon which will need to be addressed. Regarding the 2016 presidential election, Tanner Ainge indicated that he was not fond of either Ted Cruz or Donald Trump, but that he aligned most closely with Chris Cristie, Marco Rubio, and John Kasich.[1]

Tanner Ainge is the only candidate to utilize the signature gathering route to sidestep the caucus. (Some others had declared intent, but had decided against it.)[2]

It has been reported that his campaign and the Republican Party are circumventing campaign finance laws by using the party as a pass-through to pay off Tanner Ainge's 2017 campaign's debt to Tanner Ainge.[3]


In the November 2017 Election, Utah, Tanner Ainge ran for Utah's 3rd Congressional District in the Republican primary and lost.[4] He used the signature gathering method to get on the ballot.[5]

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