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Tom Sakievich is running as a Republican candidate for Utah County Commission Seat A in the November 2018 Election, Utah County, Utah.

Tom is a former marine.[1][2][3] He has also been a District Commissioner over the Mapleton and Spanish fork area for the Boy Scouts of America.[4]

Tom has indicated that he would be hesitant to increase the number of county commissioners because once you grow government, it stays grown. He indicated that it wasn't necessary because it is the mayors that represent the people.[5] He is noted to be the only candidate that did not file an intent to gather signatures.

Said growth is good until it isn't. Indicated that we need to preserve our open areas and prepare our infrastructure. Has expressed that he does not believe that the commission should be involved with commercial business, that he doesn't support the county giving money to the Freedom Festivel. He has expressed that he is open to moving to a full-time commission, or increasing the number of commissioners, and that it should be studied. Indicated that he did not identify with any of the presidential candidates during the 2016 Republican presidential primary, though he indicated that Ben Carson had a unifying spirit that he appreciated. He further stated, "There is far more to the American Dream than a new car or home, or an ambiguous 'our way of life.'"[6]

He has indicated that he is against assigning the commission seats to districts. When asked about how he could act as a check against abuses in other branches of the government, he seemed to focus on recent events involving outgoing commissioner Greg Graves, citing a need to establish a process for handling that kind of abusive commissioner.[7]

Has been described by delegates as taking too much credit for work he was involved with during his military career.[8]

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