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Karen Ellingson is running as a Republican candidate for Utah County Commission Seat A in the November 2018 Election, Utah County, Utah.

Karen Ellingson ran as a candidate for the 64th district of the Utah House of Representatives in 2014. She interned for John Curtis.[1] She ran for Vice Chair of the Republican Party in 2017.[2] She has been a member of the Springville City planning commission.[3]

On the 2nd Amendment, Karen has indicated that should certain hardware be banned, she will follow the laws of the land. When asked about the Sherriff's department budget, she indicated that she would review expenses and make changes to non-essential items. When asked about a Utah Lake crossing she indicated that she wasn't sure that was the best use of resources. When asked whether she supports law enforcement, she indicated that she does, but that trust needs to be built and balance between our rights and protection need to be considered. When asked about environmental issues, she indicated that the watershed needs to be protected, and that she is concerned about air quality issues. She indicated that moving from 3 to 5 commissioners would alleviate workload.[4]

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