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Chad Grunander is the current Deputy Utah County Attorney, and a Republican Party candidate for Utah County Attorney in the November 2018 Election, Utah County, Utah.

He has expressed support for the death penalty, reserve regarding medical marijuana, an interest on reprioritizing to address an escalating problem with rapes, and support for increasing the number of county commissioners.[1] He has described the job of a prosecutor as being a duty to truth and justice and has expressed the need to focus on rehabiloitation for drug abusers.

One delegate asked him if he could imagine a law that was so bad that he would refuse to enforce it. He responded that he swears an oath to enforce the laws of the land but that he has a lot of leeway in how he does that. Some of the criteria are the victims wishes, is it provable, is the prosecution of these causing more harm than good. He cited drug users as an example of some one that would be better served by rehab than a prison sentence. He also noted that he has begun meeting with lawmakers to let them know ways that laws and sentences could be improved upon. e.g. The case this year where a 19 year old helped a teenager kill herself, not only did he in courage her but also taped her death and appeared to be getting a high from it and bought his friends to see her dead body before it was reported. He said that, unfortunately, the current law makes prosecuting difficult because their is no law against helping someone commit suicide in Utah so the only thing they can charge him with is murder and it might not reach the elements of the crime. He was also asked to respond to David O. Leavitt's criticism that he has little civil experience. He responded by pointing out that Utah County is much bigger than Juab County (the county that David served in). He noted that while he is not an expert in civil law he was over the civil law attorney while the County Attorney was stationed in Iraq.[2]

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