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<noinclude>''See: [[California]]''</noinclude>
<noinclude>''See: [[California]]''</noinclude>
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== County Issues ==
== County Issues ==

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See: California

County Issues

2 November 2010 Election, Los Angeles County, California

Next covered election: November 2011


Semi-Official Los Angeles County, California Election Results


Judge of the Superior Court, Office 28 Mark K. Ameli
Judge of the Superior Court, Office 117 Alan Schneider
Assessor John Y. Wong

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State Issues

2 November 2010 Election, California
Next covered election: June 2012


Semi-Official California Election Results

The final tally is due from the counties on December 3rd.


Governor Meg Whitman
Lieutenant Governor Abel Maldonado
Secretary of State Damon Dunn
Controller Tony Strickland
Treasurer Mimi Walters
Attorney General Steve Cooley
Insurance Commissioner Mike Villines
Superintendent of Public Instruction Larry Aceves
* Board of Equalization, 4th District Shawn Hoffman
United States Senator Carly Fiorina
* United States Representative, 38th District Robert Vaughn
* State Senator, 30th District Warren P. Willis
* State Assembly, 56th Henry J. Bestwick

* Indicates that the candidates are not on the ballot for the entire state.

State Judicial Appointments

Judicial appointments differ from other offices that go before the voters in that, voters are not asked to select who should fill an office, but are instead asked to confirm the Governer's nominees.

State Supreme Court

Ming William Chin Yes
Carlos R. Moreno No
Tani Cantil-Sakauye No

Court of Appeal

District 2

Robert M. Mallano No
Victoria G. Chaney Yes
Jeffrey W. Johnson No
Judith M. Ashmann No
Walter Croskey Yes
Steven Suzukawa Yes
Orville "Jack" Armstrong Yes
Paul H. Coffee Yes
Steven Z. Perren No
Laurie D. Zelon No
Frank Y. Jackson Yes
Tricia A. Bigelow Yes
Elizabeth Annette Grimes Yes

Other Districts

For other districts, I'm going to recommend that my readers take a look at JudgeVoterGuide.com. I haven't followed their recommendations exactly, but they certainly lean in the right direction, and they provide a good synopsis of what is publicly known about the candidates.

Ballot Measures

Proposition 18 -
Proposition 19 No
Proposition 20 Yes
Proposition 21 No
Proposition 22 Yes
Proposition 23 Yes
Proposition 24 No
Proposition 25 No
Proposition 26 Yes
Proposition 27 No

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