June 2012 Election, California

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This election is a primary election.

United States Representative - 38th District

*Benjamin Campos Republican
Jorge Robles Republican
Linda T. Sanchez Democrat

* - Our pick

United States Senator

Al Ramirez Republican
*Dirk Allen Konopik Republican
Donald Krampe Republican
Mike Strimling Democrat
Diane Stewart Democrat
Nak Shah Democrat
Nachum Shifren Republican
Dennis Jackson Republican
Dan Hughes Republican
Greg Conlon Republican
John Boruff Republican
Oscar Alejandro Braun Republican
Marsha Feinland Peace and Freedom
Dianne Feinstein Democrat
Colleen Shea Fernald Democrat
Elizabeth Emken Republican
Kabiruddin Karim Ali Peace and Freedom
Rick Williams Republican
Rogelio T. Gloria Republican
Don J. Grundmann American Independent
Robert Lauten Republican
Gail K. Lightfoot Libertarian
David Alex Levitt Democrat
Orly Taitz Republican

* - Our pick

State Assembly Member - 57th District

Rudy Bermudez Democrat
Ian Charles Calderon Democrat
*Noel A. Jaimes Republican

* - Our pick

Ballot Measures

Proposition Title Position
28 Limits on Legislators' Terms in Office. Initiative Constitutional Amendment. No
29 Imposes Additional Tax on Cigarettes for Cancer Research. Initiative Statute. Yes

County Elections

June 2012 Election, Los Angeles County, California

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