November 2010 Election, Los Angeles County, California, Assessor

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My pick for Assessor in 2010 is John Y. Wong.

The basic difference I see, between these two candidates is one of political connection and independence. Noguez is very clearly politically connected and it causes me to question the extent to which he can act as an agent of the voters he would be elected to serve. Wong, on the other hand, seems to be a political independent, meaning, he does not draw big support from political figures who might be motivated to keep him on a leash, so to speak.

I see this same difference further play out in their responses to the questions posed by the League of Women Voters. The candidates were asked about how they would work to maintain tax revenues. Noguez basically indicates that he'll do the job and declares his support for the popular Proposition 13. Wong's response is much more direct and politically gutsy (in my opinion). He says "The County Assessor does not and should not have the responsibility to maintain tax revenues". (i.e. "not my job") It's the truth, but it'll make him no political allies except for some few appreciative voters. (Many more, I think, will be swayed by his opponent's political endorsements.)[1][2]


John Y. Wong
John R. Noguez

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