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Issue Position Summary
Abortion Against elective abortion. In favor of making allowances for abortion when the life of the mother or baby is in jeopardy, or in cases of rape or incest.
Constitution We believe strongly in the principles of the Constitution. We are appalled by our government's blatant disregard for the Constitution.
Freedom of Religion The constitution prevents the federal government from legislating an endorsement of religion, but it does not mandate that religion has no place in government.
Gay Marriage Against same-sex marriage.
Gun Control We have a right to own guns. We have a right to bear guns. Certainly this should apply anywhere on a person's own private property.
Human Trafficking An escalating problem illustrating that slavery is not dead. We live in an age when slavery is on the rise. This problem should receive more focus.
Illegal Immigration Immigration is generally a good thing. Important reasons to control immigration include national security, fighting human trafficking, and combating other foreign criminal enterprises.
Marijuana Possibly for medical purposes. I don't support the recreational use of marijuana, however, I also don't think that domestic marijuana is a federal issue, based on the U.S. Constitution.
Money in Politics We think money in politics is more a symptom of voter ignorance than a problem in and of itself.
States' Rights The federal government has overstepped its bounds in many areas and encroached on the rights of the people to govern themselves as they see fit. This is the major issue of our times.
Taxes I think the income tax should be abolished along with the many unconstitutional federal programs it is used to support. Until then, cut spending and lower taxes.
Minimum Wage We don't believe that minimum wages are good for the country, economy, or even the people they are putatively intended to help.
Death Penalty We believe that the death penalty is an important tool of society that has been made too costly.

People, Organizations, and Events

Issue Position Summary
Apple V FBI We side with Apple in saying that a judge has no authority to require them to write software for the FBI creating a backdoor to iPhones, even if just one iPhone.
Edward Snowden We have a generally favorable view of Edward Snowden.
Kim Davis We support Kim Davis.
United Nations The United Nations is a giant bureaucracy, rife with corruption, that is ineffective in almost all its official endeavors, that sends pedophiles to safeguard the children of poor war-torn countries, siphons money out of the pockets of free nations, and threatens the sovereignty and civil rights of people around the world, all in the name of so-called peace and order.
Wikileaks They have done some great things, but they are irresponsible with their data.