June 2014 Election, California

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This election is a primary election.

United States Representative


Name Note
Richard William Aguirre Republican Party
Robert Newman No party preference.
Cindy L. Sheehan Peace and Freedom Party
Joe Leicht No party preference.
Luis J. Rodriguez Green Party
Alma Marie Winston Republican Party
Edmund G. "Jerry" Brown Democratic Party. Incumbent. Leading polls.
Janel Hyeshia Buycks No party preference.
Andrew Blount Republican Party
Rakesh Kumar Christian No party preference.
Glenn Champ Republican Party
Neel Kashkari Republican Party, Establishment favorite. 3rd in polls. Supports abortion rights, same-sex marriage.
*Tim Donnelly Republican Party, Tea Party favority. 2nd in polls. On probation for gun found in carry-on baggage.
"Bo" Bogdan Ambrozewicz No party preference.
Akinyemi Agbede No party preference.

* - Our pick

Lieutenant Governor

Name Note
Alan Reynolds Americans Elect Party. Fairly libertarian views.
George Yang Republican Party. Thin issue coverage.
Eric Korevaar Democratic Party
David Fennell Republican Party. Focused on fighting corruption.
Amos Johnson Peace and Freedom Party
Gavin Newsom Democratic Party, Incumbent
*Ron Nehring Republican Party. Good broad issue coverage.
Jena F. Goodman Green Party

* - Our pick

Secretary of State

Name Note
Leland Yee Democratic Party. Arrested in an FBI sweep. Dropped out of race.
Derek Cressman Democratic Party
David Curtis Green Party
Alex Padilla Democratic Party. Second in polls
*Pete Peterson Republican Party. L.A. Times endorsement. Ahead in polls.
Jeffrey H. Drobman Democratic Party
Roy Allmond Republican Party. Weak campaign.
Dan Schnur No party preference. Former Republican. Wants to ban fundraising while the legislature is in session.

* - Our pick


Name Note
Tammy D. Blair Democratic Party
John A. Perez Democratic Party. Considered a frontrunner.
David Evans Republican Party
* Ashley Swearengin Republican Party. Moderate. Considered a frontrunner.
Betty T. Yee Democratic Party. Considered a frontrunner.
Laura Wells Green Party

* - Our pick


Name Note
John Chiang Democratic Party
Ellen H. Brown Green Party
*Greg Conlon Republican Party

* - Our pick

Attorney General

Name Note
Phil Wyman Republican Party. Moderate on abortion but pretty good otherwise.
David King Republican Party
Orly Taitz No party preference. Jewish birther with a black belt in Taekwondo.
Kamala D. Harris Democratic Party. Incumbent.
*John Haggerty Republican Party. Against elective abortion and same-sex marriage.
Jonathan Jaech Libertarian Party. Against death penalty.
Ronald Gold Republican Party. Wants to legalize undocumented residents and marijuana.

* - Our pick

Insurance Commissioner

Name Note
*Ted Gaines Republican Party
Nathalie Hrizi Peace and Freedom Party
Dave Jones Democratic Party

* - Our pick

Member of State Board of Equalization

3rd District

Only one candidate

Name Note
Jerome E. Horton Democratic Party

United States Representative

Name Note
Linda T. Sanchez Democratic Party
*Benjamin Campos Republican Party

* - Our pick

State Senator

32nd District
Name Note
*Mario A. Guerra Republican Party
Sally Morales Havice Democratic Party
Tony Mendoza Democratic Party
Carlos R. Arvizu Democratic Party
Irella Perez Democratic Party

* - Our pick

State Assembly Member

57th District
Name Note
Ian C. Calderon Democratic Party
*Rita Topalian Republican Party

* - Our pick

Superintendent of Public Instruction

Name Note
Lydia A. Gutierrez
Tom Torlakson
Marshall Tuck

Ballot Measures

Proposition Title Position
41 Veterans Housing and Homeless Prevention Bond Act of 2014 No
42 Public Records. Open Meetings. State Reimbursement to Local Agencies No

County Elections

June 2014 Election, Los Angeles County, California