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R. Nathan Ivie is a photographer, raiser of horses, and holds Utah County Commission seat C.

Nathan's priorities include increasing economic freedom, providing a balanced representation for the county's diverse population, improving police training, and ensuring that the county continues to grow without destroying the resources that make the county great.

Nathan is a Republican.


Expressed that the Republican Party would become obsolete if its views on Race and sexuality didn't change.[1]


Succeeded in getting a non-discrimination clause added to the contract for Utah County's sponsorship of the annual Freedom Festival. This issue arose due to the organizers' last-minute exclusion of an LGBT youth resource center from the event's parade in 2017.[2]

Expressed support for John Curtis.[3]

Expressed support for the conservation goals of the Bureau of Land Management.[4]

Testified in favor of a bill exempting counties from utility fees/taxes.[5]


Nathan was among a group of Utah County legislators who signed a letter calling for a Utah County Commissioner, Greg Graves, to step down. Greg had been accused of sexual harassment, and was widely seen as a workplace bully in the county offices. In particular, he was one of the earliest and most vocal critics of Greg Graves' behavior.[6]


Nathan is interested in increasing the number of county commissioners to 5, and having them divided up to represent regions of the county.[7]

He was elected to County Commission seat C in the November 2016 Election, Utah County, Utah.

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