November 2013 Election, Norwalk, Los Angeles County, California

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Election for Norwalk, Los Angeles County, California
Previous covered election: 5 March 2013
Next covered election: March 2015


Governing Board Member, Norwalk-La Mirada Unified School District: 4 Seats Available

Yes (ie. We recommend voting for these people.)

Ed Hengler Incumbent
Darryl Rodney Adams Incumbent
Favorably rated here in his run for a City Council seat in March 2013

Maybe (ie. We're not sure what to think about these people.)

Mark Owen White Field Technician Engineer
Salvador Limon Teacher/Student

No (ie. We recommend not voting for these people.)

Ana Valencia Incumbent
Liberal endorsements and political history.
Planning to run for State Assembly at the next opportunity.
Sean M. Reagan Government Teacher
Liberal endorsements and apparent philosophy.
Margarita L. Rios Incumbent
Liberal endorsements.

Election Results

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