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Casey Voeks is a former Utah County Republican Party Chairman (2013-2105), and a candidate for County Commission seat C in the November 2016 Election, Utah County, Utah.

Casey claims political experience from his former post as the Utah County Republican Party Chairman, as well as work as campaign manager for Mia Love in 2012. Casey also claims business experience from his starting and operating the Discovery Space Center. “I know that the county would move decisively in a conservative direction if I were elected,” Voeks said. “It would better reflect where the public is.” He worked to campaign against Proposition 1 in 2015 and has proposed various changes to improve transparency in county government. [1]

Casey had some friction from the Republican Party over his work on Mia Love's campaign, which had him, and many members of Mia Love's staff replaced with party preferred staff members. After that, he ran a Republican congressional campaign in Arizona before returning to become the Utah County Republican Party Chairman.[2]

Likes charter schools. [3]

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