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Evan McMullin is an independent candidate for Utah State Senate in the November 2022 Election, Utah.

In 2016, Evan McMullin was a virtual unknown, much like Trump, with a traditional establishment Republican flavor. Since then, he is mostly defined by who he opposes. Donald Trump gained our respect, once in office, compared to the average candidate, and Mike Lee is one of the best politicians around, making McMullin's choice of opponents a significant argument against him. Mentally, we group him with Mitt Romney, which is one of the most derogatory things that could be said about any politician.

2022 Election

Evan McMullin decided to try to run against Mike Lee to unseat him.

Evan McMullin has received significant support from "Tech leaders and Democratic Party-aligned groups".[1]

2016 Election

A BYU graduate who spent 8 years working for the CIA. He is running on a decidedly anti-Trump ticket.

He promotes investment in the military, a lean simplified tax code, local control of education, and involvement in global affairs. Regarding healthcare, he promotes deregulation, but also suggests putting protections in place for those with preexisting conditions. He promotes states' rights, opposes government subsidized abortion, and expresses support for the second amendment. He promotes securing the border, and controlling immigration.

He has chosen Mindy Finn as his running-mate.[2]

In October 2016, news broke that William Johnson, an avowed white supremacist, had put together a robocalling campaign to support Trump by attacking Evan McMullin. In the robocall, William tells callers that McMullin's mother is a lesbian married to another woman and speculates that McMullin is likely gay, in part, because he is not married and he is in his 40's. Evan McMullin has denied being gay.[3] In the midst of the robocalling campaign, in early November, William Johnson cut off the robocalls and issued an apology "for the mean-spirited message."[4]

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