Suchada P. Bazzelle

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Suchada P. Bazzelle is a Judge of the Juvenile Court of the Fourth Judicial District up for a retainment vote in the November 2016 Election, Utah.

This judge does not respect Utahns' constitutional right to homeschool their children. One particularly alarming anecdote regarding this judge comes from the reporting of the Libertas Institute. The report that Suchada P. Bazzelle denied the parents of a child the right to be homeschooled, contrary to the mandates of the Constitution of the State of Utah. The child in question was brought before the court due to habitual truancy caused by the emotional stress encountered at school due to bullying. This clear abuse of the judge's authority led to multiple suicide attempts.[1] Back in 2007 there was another family which she ordered to have send their kids to public school. She threatened that unless they did so, she would take away their kids. This incident was bad enough that it got the attention of the legislature, which launched an investigation of her. The family only came before her to begin with because the school claimed that they hadn't filed their affidavit. (Which the family claimed to have filed, and had their copy of the affidavit they faxed.) The judge wouldn't even accept online school options viewed by the state as charter schools.[2]

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