Mary Jane McIntosh

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A former parks and recreation commissioner expected to be running for a Norwalk city council seat in March 2011.[1]

She is a member of the Citizens Bond Oversight Committee at Cerritos College, charged with ensuring proper use of bond funds.

Mary Jane McIntosh was born and raised a Norwalk local, has been very active in the community, and is Catholic.[2]

Endorsed Chris Pflanzer for NLMUSD School Board in 2009[3] and Tom Jackson for Governing Board of Cerritos Community College in 2007.[4]

Endorsed, in 2011, by Grace Napolitano and Tony Mendoza.[5]

During 9-Feb-2011 debate[6], Mary Jane McIntosh indicated a need for fair zoning enforcement, a review of fees with an eye towards elimination where possible, work closely with the chamber of commerce, fight to keep the redevelopment agency, not raise taxes right now, raise revenues, bring in businesses, and do probation checks.

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