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== County Issues ==
== County Issues ==
{{:June 2012 Election, Los Angeles County, California}}
{{:November 2012 Election, Los Angeles County, California}}
== External Resources ==
== External Resources ==
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== Cities ==
== Cities ==
* [[Norwalk, Los Angeles County, California|Norwalk]]
* [[Norwalk, Los Angeles County, California|Norwalk]]
== Schools ==
* [[Cerritos Community College District, Los Angeles County, California|Cerritos Community College District]]

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County Issues

6 November 2012 Election, Los Angeles County, California

Next covered election: June 2014
Previous covered election: June 2012

This election is scheduled for the 6th of November 2012.


District Attorney

* Alan Jackson Appears relatively conservative, good endorsements.
Jackie Lacey Liberal Endorsements

* - Our pick


Measure Title Position
A ADVISORY VOTE ONLY. Make County Assessor appointed. No
B Adult film regulations. Yes
J Accelerating Traffic Relief, Job Creation. No

School Elections

Cerritos Community College District

External Resources